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The Foundation, as a 501(C)(3) claims the “h” election. Under this election and its associated limits, we perform limited advocacy in support of legislation consistent with our mission.

Our current focus is on policies expanding educational opportunity.

You can learn more about the proposed New York Education Tax Credit by reading the legislative brief


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A separate website ( has been set up to coordinate the statewide advocacy effort for the New York Education Tax Credit.

The site includes:

TAKE ACTION: Tools for New Yorkers to get involved in advocating for the Education Tax Credit to their state legislators, including:

- Email Assembly Members:  A user-friendly tool for New Yorkers to urge their elected Assembly Members to support the Education Tax Credit.

- Call Assembly Members:  Phone numbers and talking points for New Yorkers to voice their opinions to Assembly Members about the Education Tax Credit.

- Sign the Petition:  An online petition for New Yorkers to join the campaign to increase New York’s investment in education.

- Share the Campaign:  Social media and email tools for growing the campaign and sharing information about investing in education for all New York children.

COALITION SUPPORTERS:  A list of nearly 150 labor unions and non-profit organizations supporting the Education Tax Credit.

PUBLIC SUPPORT:  A summary of polling data demonstrating widespread public support for provision of the the bill.

BLOG: An area to stay on top of the latest news about the Education Tax Credit.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:  Answers to frequently asked questions about the Education Tax Credit.