Trump Administration Releases Broad Parameters for Tax Plan; No Details on School Choice Yet

Posted on Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Today, the Trump Administration released the broadest of parameters for the tax-reform plan it expects to negotiate with the U.S. Congress.

Details on the Trump Administration’s school-choice initiative, however, have not yet been released.

It is widely speculated that the Trump Administration is considering a national tax credit to spur an increase in charitable donations to nonprofit K-12 scholarship programs. Such a program could provide millions of scholarships to children from economically disadvantaged, working-class, and middle-income families.The adoption of the scholarship tax credit would fulfill President Trump’s campaign promise for a bold national school-choice initiative.

Although those details were not announced today, they could be forthcoming as the Administration solidifies the details of its overall tax-reform plan.

One path to the adoption of a scholarship tax credit is to include this school-choice measure in the proposed tax-reform legislation subject to the fast-track “reconciliation” process, which would allow the measure to be approved with only 51 votes in the U.S. Senate, a much easier hurdle than the typical 60 votes. Under this scenario, no Democratic votes would be required – an important distinction given the sway the national teachers unions hold over Congressional Democrats.

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