Invest in Education Coalition Launches Ad Campaign Urging GOP Presidential Candidates To Support School Choice Tax Credit

Advertising will run in Milwaukee leading up to the first GOP presidential debate

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MILWAUKEE, WI—The Invest in Education Coalition (IIEC) launched a TV ad campaign today ahead of the first GOP debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, urging the GOP presidential candidates to stand up for parents’ rights by supporting federal school choice legislation.  The ads will be running in Wisconsin leading up to the debate.

Invest in Education Coalition (IIEC) is asking the GOP presidential candidates to make “education freedom” for K-12 parents and students a governing priority should they become President.  IIEC is supporting the Educational Choice for Children Act (ECCA), a federal tax credit scholarship bill that would help up to two million students access a school or education service of their parents’ choice.

Scholarships are funded with private donations, not federal money, and donors receive a federal tax credit. Students could use scholarships for tuition, tutoring to address learning loss, special needs services, or education technology.  The legislation has more than 100 House co-sponsors and more than two dozen Senate co-sponsors.

Anthony de Nicola, Chairman of the Invest in Education Coalition, said it is vital that our next president work together with Congress to provide more school choice options for parents.

“Now more than ever, empowering parents to ensure their children are getting the best education possible should be a top priority,” said de Nicola.  “This scholarship tax credit will expand education freedom and opportunity for up to two million low- and middle-income students throughout the nation.”

Hera Varmah, who grew up in a household with 11 children and struggled with math and science, said her parents were fortunate enough to have access to a scholarship like the one included in the ECCA legislation. Her parents used the scholarship to transfer Hera to a 5-12 grade private school where she was able to receive more individualized education that ultimately helped her get into college and receive a bachelor’s degree in Food Science & Technology from Florida A&M University.

“Every child in this country should have the same opportunity that was given to me. There are some great public schools in this country, however not all children have access to them.” stated Varmah. “Parents should have more choices to ensure their children have access to education that fits their needs.”

About Invest in Education Coalition

Invest in Education Coalition is a 501(c)(4) organization that advocates at the federal level for legislation that will directly empower K-12 parents throughout the nation to choose the best school or education service for their children.  Invest in Education Coalition is the only national organization exclusively dedicated to advancing school choice at the federal level, working to make this goal a reality for children in all 50 states.  We believe that K-12 parents should have the power to choose the best educational options for their own children.  Simply put, parents should decide where their child’s education dollars are spent. To learn more, please visit  For more information on the Educational Choice for Children Act (ECCA), please click here.