KNOE: Louisiana Superintendent of Education endorses Education Choice for Children Act

By: Maddy Johnson

KNOE (Monroe, LA), September 19, 2023

The Louisiana Superintendent of Education, Dr. Cade Brumley, has become the first statewide public school superintendent to endorse the Education Choice for Children Act that is currently being considered in Congress.

The ECCA would allow scholarship funding with private donations for students to help pay tuition, tutoring to address learning loss, special needs services, or education technology.

Dr. Brumley issued a statement that reads:

“Parents should be empowered to choose the best school for their children, whether public or private. The Educational Choice for Children Act (ECCA) is a proposed federal legislation that would bolster parental rights and increase competition in education. Further, it creatively forms important tax relief for individuals and businesses to provide educational opportunities for students in need. I applaud Senators Bill Cassidy (LA) and Tim Scott (SC), as well as other congressional leaders in Louisiana and beyond, for seeking to balance federal support of education which appreciates the different needs of families and the need to consistently spark the economy of our nation. While education is fundamentally a state’s rights issue, this effort signifies a national belief that parents are the rightful decision-makers in the education of their children.”

Louisiana currently has two statewide private school choice programs – a voucher for low-income families and a tax credit scholarship for students from low-income families. The ECCA would triple the income eligibility for private school choice to include working-class and middle-class families, almost double the amount of scholarship assistance available to each student enrolled in the programs, and make private school choice available to more students in the state.

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