Statement by Luke Messer, President of Invest in Education Coalition, on the Newly Released U.S. House Republican’s Education Agenda

(Washington, D.C. August 25th) – Luke Messer, former member of Congress representing Indiana and President of the Invest in Education Coalition, released the following statement in reaction to the education agenda unveiled by the Republican Caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives:

“House Republicans have developed a thoughtful and innovative agenda to expand educational freedom that will empower parents with greater choice in their children’s K-12 schooling.

“I applaud House Republicans for leading with the Educational Choice for Children Act that will generate $10 billion in private scholarship funds for children to attend schools of their parents’ choice.

“GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy and his Republican colleagues understand it is not enough to rightly criticize the K-12 district education system, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic; rather, they put forth positive solutions that are clear and specific about putting parents—not bureaucrats—in charge of their children’s education to ensure academic quality and genuine accountability.

“Parents have repeatedly made clear they want and expect more responsive and higher quality K-12 education that puts their children first, rather than a system that caters to the adults in charge or the political fads of the moment.  House Republicans have responded.”

PDF Version | House Republican’s Education Agenda


The Educational Choice for Children Act (ECCA) was introduced in the House of Representatives as H.R.8137 by the late Representative Jackie Walorski (IN-2) and Rep. Burgess Owens (UT-4).  The ECCA also was introduced in the Senate as S.4416 by Senators Bill Cassidy (LA) and Tim Scott (SC).