Why do We Need School Choice?

Educational Choice for Children Act (ECCA) 

The ECCA would expand education freedom and opportunity for millions of students throughout the nation.  This legislation would do so by providing a charitable donation incentive for individuals and businesses to fund scholarship awards for students to cover various expenses related to K-12 public and private education, including tuition and other supplemental supports, amounting to $10 billion on an annual basis.

School Choice Legislation Principles

  • Create a greater school choice opportunity for children in all 50 states
  • Increase education purchasing power for families
  • Broad eligibility to ensure access for children from low-income and middle-class/working class families 
  • Access for families to the broadest array of high-quality educational options

Advocate for School Choice

Join the Invest in Education Coalition in support of a federal scholarship tax credit to expand educational opportunity.