America’s Parents and Students Want Educational Freedom, Opportunity and Choice!

No public policy issue today enjoys more across-the-board support from voters than school choice.

Source: Invest in Education Coalition/OnMessage Inc.

Sources:  American Federation for Children, OnMessage, Beck Research, RealClear Opinion, and Mason-Dixon

We believe Congress can and should be on the side of America’s K-12 parents and students, expanding educational freedom and opportunity, while respecting federalism.  That is why we support the Educational Choice for Children Act (ECCA).

Educational Choice for Children Act (ECCA) 

The ECCA is a $10 billion scholarship tax credit to expand educational freedom and opportunity for up to two million students throughout the nation. Under the bill, individuals and businesses contribute to non-profit scholarship granting organizations who make scholarship awards for tuition, tutoring to address learning loss, special needs services, and education technology among other uses. Scholarships are funded with private donations, not federal money, and donors receive a federal tax credit. The ECCA respects federalism, protects religious liberty, and ensures private school autonomy.

Why the ECCA?

  • Address catastrophic pandemic-created learning loss for millions of students
  • Respond to parent demand for more and better K-12 educational options
  • Triple the number of students currently benefitting from private school choice programs
  • Complement what 31 states are doing and create opportunity in 19 states that lack this option

Advocate for School Choice

Join the Invest in Education Coalition in support of a federal scholarship tax credit to expand educational opportunity.