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Proposed NYS Education Investment Tax Credit

Legislation proposed in New York State for an Education Investment Tax Credit would increase charitable donations from individuals and businesses for education by up to $300 million annually by providing a tax credit. The bills proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, and separately in the Assembly and Senate would help public schools, community organizations, teachers, and fund scholarships for children.


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Coalition for Opportunity in Education

The Coalition for Opportunity in Education is partnering with more than 100 organizations representing community-based, non-profit organizations, labor unions, business groups, and religious entities in the “Invest In Ed” advocacy effort seeking passage of the New York Education Investment Tax Credit. Learn how New Yorkers can get involved in supporting it.


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Research and Analysis of State Education Tax Credits

There are more than a dozen states that provide tax credits for contributions to scholarship organizations and two states that provide tax credits for donations to nonprofits for programming in public schools. Reports compare key provisions of existing education tax credit laws and the proposed New York State Education Investment Tax Credit.


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Constitutionality of the Proposed NYS Education Investment Tax Credit (PDF) 

A proposal to increase donations to education passes muster under both the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the Blaine Amendment of the New York Constitution according to former law clerks to the U.S. Supreme Court (Justices Thurgood Marshall and Anthony Kennedy) and one of the leading attorneys on the First Amendment and religious liberty.