The Invest in Education Foundation is a research and policy not-for-profit 501(C)(3) and a publicly-supported organization with a mission of promoting improvement in K-12 education, increasing educational choice, and working to close gaps in educational achievement. Our activities include research and events to educate the public and advocacy in support of legislation consistent with our mission.

Education is Key to Equality

It is unfair that a family’s hard-earned tax dollars can often only be used at a failing public school due to their home address. School choice would give those same families the ability to spend those tax dollars to educate their child at a school that’s best fits their child’s needs.

Parents Know Best

No child should be forced to attend an unsafe or failing school because they can’t afford to go somewhere else. School choice allows parents to remove their children from a failing public school and enroll them in a school that is succeeding academically. Simply put, parents decide where their child’s education dollars are best spent.

Unleash the American Dream

The Education Freedom Scholarship Act allows individuals and businesses to donate to non-profit scholarships so parents can send their children to the public, private, or technical trade schools of their choice.