The Educational Choice for Children Act (ECCA)

At Invest in Education, we believe now is the time for Congress to pass, and the President to sign, this important legislation. There’s no time to waste in addressing the learning loss our kids have suffered as a result of the pandemic. Click here to read the full bill text.

The ECCA provides K-12 scholarships for up to two million students across America to attend schools that best meet their educational needs as determined by their parents. Under this bill, $10 billion in federal tax credits would be available for individuals and businesses that contribute to non-profit scholarship-granting organizations. The funds could be used to pay for tuition, tutoring, special needs services, homeschooling curriculum materials, and education technology, among other eligible uses. Scholarships would be funded with private donations, not federal dollars, and donors would receive a federal tax credit. The ECCA would expand school choice and opportunity while respecting federalism, protecting religious liberty, and ensuring private school autonomy.

Why the ECCA?

Addresses catastrophic pandemic-created learning loss for millions of students

Responds to parent demand for more and better K-12 educational options

Triples the number of students currently benefitting from private school choice programs

Complements what 31 states are doing and creates opportunity in 19 states that lack this option to pass the ECCA into law


“It’s time to put power and increased resources into parents’ hands to serve each unique student’s needs most appropriately, particularly given the challenges today’s students face.”

– Sharon Sedlar, PA Families for Education Choice
U.S. House Committee on Ways & Means Hearing on Educational Freedom and Opportunity for American Families, Students, and Workers, October 25, 2023

“My family’s journey is a testament to the transformational impact of school choice. As the presidential hopefuls carve out their vision for the future, I urge them to champion school choice, so that every child has the opportunity to access a quality education and reach for the stars.”

– Hera Varmah, American Federation for Children
Miami Herald, November 6, 2023

United States House Committee on Ways & Means

Hearing on Educational Freedom and Opportunity for American Families, Students, and Workers, October 25, 2023 which featured the Educational Choice for Children Act (ECCA)

School Choice Advocates

Invest in Education and American Federation for Children sponsored a Congressional School Choice Caucus event on Capitol Hill during National School Choice Week. Advocates and beneficiaries of state school choice programs spoke about the importance of passing federal legislation so kids in every state can benefit, the ECCA, and their personal experiences. Hear more about what they had to say:

EdChoice Research

Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of school choice on learning, test scores, parent satisfaction and positive impact on district-operated public schools. The chart shown on this page summarizes recent studies on the impact of school choice.

Other Research Resources: EdChoice has the most current and comprehensive library of school choice research, produced by in-house research staff and other education scholars and authors.

Polling: School Choice Is Gaining Support

School choice is receiving overwhelming support from voters of all political parties in 2024. The latest example is from RealClear Opinion Research, which polled 1,000 registered voters in December 2023, and found that 76% of voters are more likely to vote for a candidate who supports school choice.

  • 86.2% of Republicans, 77.2% of Democrats and 66.9% of Independents
  • 76.4% of Black, 75.9% of Hispanic, 73.4% of Asian and 76.4% of White voters
  • 72.9% of Joe Biden Voters and 87.3% of Donald Trump Voters
  • Age: 70.7% of 18-34, 76.5% of 35-49, 79.1% of 50-64, and 76% of 65+
  • Region: Northeast: 77.5%, South: 77.7%, Midwest: 72.9% and West: 75.8%

Read more about the research findings below.

Polling: Voters Support Scholarship Tax Credits

A new poll by yes. every kid. foundation. released in September 2023 shows compelling data that 66% of voters support scholarship tax credits. This includes:

  • 80% of Parents
  • 75% of Republicans
  • 65% of Independents
  • 65% of Democrats

School Choice Research and Resources

Check out the more research and resources from other prominent school choice organizations by clicking below.