Expanding School Choice to All 50 States.

Expanding School Choice to All 50 States.

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Every Child in America Deserves Access to a Great Education.

Our mission at Invest in Education is to guarantee that every child in America has access to a great education. We believe that expanding school choice and education freedom for America’s K-12 parents and students is the way to achieve this goal.

The Educational Choice for Children Act

What is the ECCA?

The Educational Choice for Children Act (ECCA) was proposed in the United States Congress as bill numbers H.R.531 in the House and S.120 in the Senate to directly empower the parents of up to 2 million students to choose the best school or education service for their children.


How Would The ECCA Work?

The ECCA offers a tax credit for individual and corporate donations to non-profit scholarship granting organizations who provide scholarships that students can use for tuition, tutoring to address learning loss, special education services, or education technology.

Why Support The ECCA?

If adopted into law, the ECCA would expand school choice for more students across all 50 states. We believe that K-12 parents should have the power to choose the best educational options for their own children. Simply put, parents should decide the education dollars assigned to their child.

U.S. House and Senate Co-Sponsors of the Educational Choice for Children Act (ECCA)

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