Senator Risch Signs On To National School Choice Bill

Senator Offers Support for School Choice for Children in All 50 States

WASHINGTON, DC – The Invest in Education Coalition, a national organization dedicated to advancing school choice at the federal level, announced that Senator James Risch (R-ID) joined as a co-sponsor of the Educational Choice for Children Act (ECCA). The bill already has garnered substantial support in Congress, including 31 Senate co-sponsors and 151 House co-sponsors.

This landmark legislation aims to expand educational opportunities for children across the United States by allowing individuals and businesses that donate to state level non-profit scholarship granting organizations (SGOs) to receive a tax credit for the donation. These scholarships would enable parents of up to two million students across the country to choose the best school or education service for their children.

“Parents, not the government, should decide what is best for the educational needs of their children,” said Senator Risch. “The Educational Choice for Children Act empowers families to make these educational decisions, regardless of income.”

Angela Flood, President and CEO of the Invest in Education Coalition, expressed her gratitude for the senator’s support: “We are honored to welcome Senator Risch as a co-sponsor of the Educational Choice for Children Act. Senator Risch’s commitment to expanding educational freedom will help ensure that every child in Idaho and across America has access to the quality education they deserve, regardless of their family’s financial situation.”

Blaine Conzatti, President of Idaho Family Policy Center, praised Senator Risch for co-sponsoring the ECCA. “Idaho Family Policy Center applauds Senator Risch for standing with Idaho families in support of the Educational Choice for Children Act. We are grateful for Senator Risch’s work to ensure that Idaho parents can gain access to the broadest array of high-quality educational options that respect their family’s faith and values.”

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